Ticket Info

Tickets for our 2021-2022 season will cost $70 for four shows and will be on sale until December, 2021.

Season Tickets can  be purchased by emailing bassanoac@gmail.com       and etransferring money for the tickets to Bassano Arts Council at that email, or by calling Linda at 403-641-4280.

Thanks to the Town of Bassano Office and the Brooks Credit Union for selling the tickets in the fall.

Door tickets can be purchased at the door for $25.

If you cannot etransfer, and are from out of town, please send your name, email, phone number, and number of season tickets requested as well as a cheque made out to Bassano Arts Council for $70 per ticket, and mail it to:

Bassano Arts Council Tickets

Box 459

Bassano, Alberta


Please call Linda at 403-641-4280  if you require more info!